Reflections on authenticity in teaching and learning

Positive Visualization with EFLers

Yesterday Oliver Beaumont from Regent in London gave a talk about coaching techniques he uses in his EFL classes.  Key concepts that were discussed were future identity and motivation.

By following Alan Fine’s GROW procedure with a partner, an amazing sense of empowerment and clarity was generated. My partner from Toyo University in Tokyo aspired to feelings of belonging and a desire to express her own identity. It was a very empowering process and she clearly got something out of it both as a teacher and a human  being. The clincher was the positive visualization. She clearly ‘saw’ where she wanted to be and perhaps more significantly, who she wanted to be.

I was both disappointed and relieved not to have gotten around to ‘my go’, perhaps because I sensed that it might have been that powerful, it could have been quite an emotional experience.

Upon meeting a student for the first time, ‘So why are you learning English?’  just doesn’t seem human enough anymore. Thanks to Oliver for reminding me to make even NA even more REAL.


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