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The first time I set foot in a classroom not as a student was at Leeds University to hold a seminar for undergraduate Classics students on Ancient Greek Tragedy.  What intrigued me most was how people learn, particularly how people behave and interact during this learning process, their personalities, intentions and desires to express themselves.

The next time I went into a classroom was about a year later.  This time I was officially ‘a TEFL teacher’ (or so my certificate stated!) in a scuola media in Canosa di Puglia in southern Italy.  It was a baptism by fire and I realised that there was a long road ahead of me if I wanted to attempt to learn and hone my craft as a teacher.

I am now in my eleventh year as a English teacher.  I have taught in many places and types of institutions and have added to my qualifications and skills.  But more importantly than any of this, my ideas about teaching and learning, who I am as a teacher and the values I hold as a person and as a teacher have morphed, crystallised and even changed and I am sure they will continue to do so. 

This blog is an attempt to pool my notes, thoughts and ideas about teaching and learning and other observations that are somehow connected to them. I welcome your thoughts and ideas too.


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